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Garden Design

Getting Started

We suggest that the client or designer seeking discovery within these listings, start with an open mind and peruse the subjects and elements they are interested in. We will admit to leaving out some options in each listing, but not very many, as you will see. However, the combination of an open mind joined with a visual interpretation of our offerings will hopefully “jump start” the design process by sparking the readers imagination and encourage the creation of their own visioning process. This is a reason for brevity of description. We are interested in placing the germ of an idea in the readers mind and not attempt to fill out any concept. That is the job of the client and designer as individuals or as a team. Read more...

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Garden Themes

How should we feel about the creation of various garden styles that are not natural to the site that the garden is being introduced to? First, we have to consider just how the garden type fits into the attendant structures and the site they are on. The applicability or acceptability often has to do with the overall degree that the selected garden style is encompassed by the architectural style. If that style is highly specific, than it will be more difficult to diverge from the architectural ideal. To cite an example, if you have a strongly defined Chinese style of architecture, it would probably be unwise not to follow through with accepted Chinese garden styles for your landscape plan. In this and other similar instances the garden style is or should be used to support the buildings architectural integrity. Read more...

The Emotions of Landscape Design

Everyone knows that the process of designing a landscape involves solving practical problems regarding the site and determining what landscape related elements you want to place within that site. Most everyone also knows that you will benefit greatly by selecting a garden theme that will provide a proper setting for your architecture and allow you to enjoy your gardens to the maximum. What many people don’t know is that every landscape imparts an ambiance and elicits emotion to various degrees throughout the gardens. Quite often the emotions experienced come about quite by accident, but a good landscape design professional will actually consider what kinds of feeling they would like to project and take steps to integrate those objectives within the design. Read more...

The Hard Stuff

There is more to all gardens than the green growing stuff. Hardscapes contain the elements that support, enhance or may even be the reason for the garden in the first place. As important as these non-plant features are they are often treated as after thoughts by almost everyone planning a garden. This is a big mistake for a number of reasons. Please take the time to glance through the following “thumbnails” to determine if there are certain feelings or emotions that you would like to incorporate within your gardens and discuss them with your landscape design professional. You won’t be sorry if you perform this function as your landscape will end up having a greatly increased personality as a result. Read more...
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