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Plant Origins

Here, we have a provided a listing of plants by their Country of Origin, Common Name/Association and Botanical Name. Sort by clicking on the heading above the columns.

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Country/Origin Common name/Association sort ascending Botanical name
Asia - Eastallspice familyCalycanthus
North America - USA - Southeasternallspice familyCalycanthus fertilis
Indian Ocean - MadagascaralluaudiaAllluaudia
Asia - TropicalalocasiaAlocasia
South Pacific - New GuineaalocasiaAlocasia
Africa - TropicalAloeAloe
Arabian PeninsulaAloeAloe
Indian Ocean - MadagascarAloeAloe
Europe - Southern EuropeAlpine asterAster alpinus
Asia - Westernalpine violet,persian violetCyclamen
Europealpine violet,persian violetCyclamen
Europealpine violet,persian violetCyclamen
Mediterannean - mountains/seaalpine violet,persian violetCyclamen
Australiaalpine/orange everlastingXerochrysum
North Americaalum root,coral bellsHeuchera
Americas - Topicalamaranth familyGomphrena
Australia - Tropicalamaranth familyGomphrena
Worldwide DistributionAmaranthusAmaranthus
Africa - South Africaamaryllis familyBrunsvigia
Africa - South Africaamaryllis familyCrinum
Africa - South Africaamaryllis familyHaemanthus
Africa - South/Easternamaryllis familyBoophone
Asia - Tropicalamaryllis familyCrinum
North America - USA - Southernamaryllis familyCrinum
South Americaamaryllis familyStenomesson
South America - Centralamaryllis familyHabranthus
South America - Centralamaryllis familySprekelia
South America - Centralamaryllis,knight's star lilyHippeastrum
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