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Plant Origins

Here, we have a provided a listing of plants by their Country of Origin, Common Name/Association and Botanical Name. Sort by clicking on the heading above the columns.

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Country/Origin Common name/Association sort ascending Botanical name
Asia - Chinaamelanchier asiaticaAmelanchier asiatica
Asia - Japanamelanchier asiaticaAmelanchier asiatica
Asia - Koreaamelanchier asiaticaAmelanchier asiatica
North Americaamerican cowslip,shooting starsDodecatheon
North America - Easternamerican mountain mintPycnanthemum
North America - USA - Easternamerican persimmonDiospyros virginiana
South American regionsanchor plantColletia
Tropical/subtropical habitatsancient plant in cycad familyCycas
AmericasAngel wing jasmineJasminum nitidum
Asia - Chinaannual daisyCallistephus
Africa - Tropicalannual herb-daisy familyEmilia
Asia - Indiaannual herb-daisy familyEmilia
South Pacific - Polynesiaannual herb-daisy familyEmilia
Europeannual/perennial subshrubsCentranthus
Mediterraneanannual/perennial subshrubsCentranthus
Australia - Northernantelope ears/elkhorn fernPlatycerium
South Pacific - Polynesiaantelope ears/elkhorn fernPlatycerium
Southeast Asiaantelope ears/elkhorn fernPlatycerium
Africa - NorthanthriscusAnthriscus
Tropical/SubTropical RegionsaponogetonAponogeton
Northern Hemisphereapple/crabappleMalus
Worldwide distributionaqautic fern familyAzolla
Worldwide - Temperate climatesaquatic frogbitOttelia
Asiaaquatic herbsMenyanthes
Europeaquatic herbsMenyanthes
North Americaaquatic herbsMenyanthes
AfricaAquatic plantAldrovanda
Americas - Topicalaquatic plantAlternanthera
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