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Plant Origins

Here, we have a provided a listing of plants by their Country of Origin, Common Name/Association and Botanical Name. Sort by clicking on the heading above the columns.

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Country/Origin Common name/Association sort ascending Botanical name
Europe - Southernautumn crocusSternbergia
Africa - Northautumn crocus,meadow saffron,naked ladieaColchicum
Asia - Chinaautumn crocus,meadow saffron,naked ladieaColchicum
Europe - Easternautumn crocus,meadow saffron,naked ladieaColchicum
Africa - South Africaautumn-crocusSandersonia
Worldwide distributed-temperate zonesavensGeum
Asia - Chinaazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
Asia - China - Westernazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
Asia - Himalayasazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
Asia - Japanazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
Asia - Myanmar - Northeasternazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
Australia - Northern tipazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
North Americaazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
Northern Hemisphereazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
South Pacific - New Guineaazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
Southeastern Asiaazalea/rhododendronRhododendron
Africa - South Africababoon flowerBabiana
Eurasiababy's breathGypsophila
Mediterranian - Corsicababy's tearsSoleirolia
EuropeBadgers Bane, WolfsbaneAconitum
North AmericaBadgers Bane, WolfsbaneAconitum
Asia - China - Southernbalau/merantiShorea
Asia - Indonesiabalau/merantiShorea
South Asia - Sri Lankabalau/merantiShorea
Asia - Chinaballoon flower/bellflowerPlatycodon
Asia - Japanballoon flower/bellflowerPlatycodon
Africa - South Africaballoon peaSutherlandia
AfricaBalloon vinesCardiospermum
Americas - Topicalballoon vinesCardiospermum
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