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Plant Origins

Here, we have a provided a listing of plants by their Country of Origin, Common Name/Association and Botanical Name. Sort by clicking on the heading above the columns.

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Country/Origin Common name/Association sort ascending Botanical name
Africa - South Africaafrican daisyArctotis
Africa - Ethiopiaafrican harebell,angel's fishing rod,wand flowerDierama
Africa - South Africaafrican harebell,angel's fishing rod,wand flowerDierama
Africa - South Africaafrican hempSparmannia
Indian Ocean - Madagascarafrican hempSparmannia
Africaafrican squillLedebouria
Asia - Indiaafrican squillLedebouria
Indian Ocean - Madagascarafrican squillLedebouria
Africa - South Africaafrican thatching rushElegia
Hybridafrican violetSaintpaulia
North America - Mexico - Tropicalafrican violetSmithiantha
South Americaafrican violetNemathanthus
Americas - TopicalAfrican Violet familyColumnea
Americas - Topicalafrican violet familyEpiscia
Central AmericaAfrican violet familyGloxinia
Europe - Balkans mountainsAfrican Violet familyHaberlea
South America - TropicalAfrican violet familyGloxinia
Pacific OceanAgapetesAgapetes
Africa - South AfricaAgathosmaAgathosma
Caribbean - West Indiesagave familyFurcraea
Caribbean - West Indiesagave familyYucca
Central America - Northagave familyYucca
North America - Mexicoagave familyBeschorneria
North America - Mexicoagave familyPolianthes
South America - Centralagave familyFurcraea
Caribbean - West IndiesAgeratumAgeratum
Asia - ChinaAglaonemaAglaonema
Asia - IndiaAglaonemaAglaonema
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