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Garden Glossary


CAD Renderings Digital computer files of landscape designs created by the landscape design professional
Campagna This is an Italian term for open country.
Carpet bedding This practice of planting bedding plants to create ornamental carpet like designs originated in the nineteenth century.
Cascade A volume of water falling from a higher to a lower height, as in a waterfall or stream
Chabutra In an Indian garden, this is a sitting platform.
Chadar In an Indian garden, this is a water chute or cascade.
Chahar Bagh In a Persian garden, this is a 'four square' plan of the garden. The term is used in Iranian and Mughal gardens with the oldest example of a square garden being symmetrical crossing canals at the Alhambra.
Champain An open level countryside venue
Character An expression of the essential nature that serves to identify and distinguish a gardens theme
Chhatri In an Indian garden, this is an umbrella-shaped pavilion.
Chinosierie This term means 'imitation of Chinese' and is applied to the type of garden houses and other structures which became popular in the eighteenth century in England.
Clairvoie This is a fence, grille or gate placed in an otherwise solid barrier thereby providing an open view of outside scenery.
Classicism A design discipline that adheres to accepted traditional standards often demonstrated by Greek, Roman, Persian and other classic landscape forms.
Cloister This word describes a part of a monastery to which the public was not allowed was often a rectangular lawn surrounded by a covered walk.
Clump A group of trees or large plants planted together to form that group
Coherence The result of holding all or related parts of the landscape design together into a meaningful whole
Collage The act of merging often unrelated elements of a garden into a meaningful artistic or utilitarian representation
Colonnade Columns set at regular interval sand usually supporting the base of a roof structure
Composition This is the end result of combining various garden elements or ingredients into a pleasing and meaningful creation.
Conceit A fanciful term used to denote an object or element with the landscape design that may have a decorative use but little other value within the design.
Concept Lines Visible or invisible lines defining or dividing spatial areas in the landscap; concept lines may become bed or edging lines in the garden design
Concept Plan In a landscape plan, this is a basic idea, containing the “big picture” of the ultimate garden scheme, without adding excessive details for simplicity of understanding.
Conservatory This is a glass or plastic structure used to protect plants from cold weather.
Context The interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs (Merriam-Webster)
Continuity A continuation of a specific garden element expression, without essential changes that would disrupt that expression
Contour A meaningful change in ground elevations, garden bedlines, visual horizon images or other interconnected landscape elements
Contrast In a garden design, this is the essential act of demonstrating and elaborating the differences in tone, texture, color, styles, mass, styles and any number of other landscape element characteristics.
Convex/Concave These are expressions of curvature with convex lines curving outwards and convex lines curving inwards as suggested by movements in the earths surface, garden bedlines, hardscape elements, etc.
Coronary Garden These gardens were used to grow flowers that could be used for wreaths and garlands.
Corridor This is a strip of land passing between buildings or bordered by shrubbery masses, rows of trees or other garden objects.
Courtyard garden This is a space mostly surrounded by walls or buildings.
Crinkle-Crankle Wall This is a serpentine wall that has wrinkles, ripples and eccentric angles.
Curvilinear Consisting of or bounded by curved lines (Merrian-Webster)
Cross-section A cross-sectional design requires one or more profile curves that describe a profile or cross-section of a landscape feature or element
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