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Garden Reflections


Why Visit a Garden

by N. Paul Paulus
In this hectic, stressed and over committed society we are a part of these days, why would you ever want to commit a few precious hours to walk leisurely through beautiful and tranquil surroundings? And why would you want to subject yourself or your loved ones to a breath of fresh air? What if you had to gaze at beautiful plants and flowers and an occasional lovely person. And worse yet, what if there are butterflies fluttering out of control in your own personal air space? Read more...

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Landscaping in a Mangrove Marshland

by Daniel J. Ford
So! You have found the perfect waterfront site on a river or perhaps on an island. You have determined what your building project will look like and now you have to consider what to do about the landscaping. There is a lot to be considered on this subject but in actuality, the reality is that there is a limit on options available when living among the mangroves. Read more...


Designing an Über-Green Leed Certified Garden

by N. Paul Paulus
In this discussion, we are setting the goal to create a garden that meets most of the requirements that will allow a landscape to help acquire a LEED certification for a project. LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system which provides third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at increasing performance, reducing waste, and improving quality of life. Read more...

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