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The Art of Landscape Design

This book sampler is designed for those who create gardens or plan to work with those who create them. This is not a "How To" but a "What To" reading environment.

These chapters describe garden subjects including themes, styles or elements of interest that were gleaned from our "Gateways To Your Garden" book. Major visual elements can be found in the Pictorials, Chapter V.

Slideshow and videos of gardens created by landscape design professionals and their clients can be found in our Photo Tours & More pages within the Private Gardens section.

A book created in a large 11" x 13" full color coffee table style format can be purchased at Amazon.com.

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Exalted Fountains

Chapter I
For The Client - What Can This Book Do For You?

Chapter II
For The Landscape Design Professional - What Can This Book Do For You?

Chapter III
What Is Landscape Design All About?

Chapter IV
The Garden Gates & Thumbnails.

Pictorial Sampler #1
Garden Themes

Pictorial Sampler #2
Garden Statues, Sculptures & Accents

Pictorial Sampler #3

Pictorial Sampler #4
Water Features

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