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Video Hosting for Internet Marketing Strategies

iPlayer HD - Video Hosting for Internet MarketingVideo hosting refers to those websites that provide software to facilitate business entities to store and distribute their videos for both commercial and private uses. Within Garden Gateways Photo Tours.com, we have used iPlayerHD.com exclusively to store and receive our high definition videos.

Based on a choice between High and Low HD, they create a 2000 kbps and 1000 kbps version as well as six jpeg images and an HTML5 mobile version that can be delivered to iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. You may also choose to limit the encode to HD High, which includes everything except a 1000 kbps file, or HD Low, which includes everything except an 2000 kbps file.

iPlayerHD maintains a library where all of your files are stored. They also maintain a separate video file for personal information such as titles and descriptions for each video. A Video SEO feature has recently been added that allows you to proactively submit your content, through what's called a "Video Sitemap", which makes it easier for Google and other search engines to find it. When the videos are completed within the iPlayerHD hosting files, you can embed in streaming or downloading format.

Video hosting is an excellent way to provide high definition video clips to a large and varied group of users. We highly recommended that you consider iPlayerHD as your video host.

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